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Cleaning Local Branches

It's not spring, but it is time for cleaning! Here's a pretty simple way to clear up local git branches.

$ git branch -d $(git branch | grep -v "develop\|master")

Breaking It Down

$ git branch -d <branch>

This deletes the branch locally.

If you wanted to delete remotely, this command does the trick (be mindful you're not deleting teammates branches, though):

$ git push origin --delete <branch>

To fill in multiple arguments, there's a few pieces of glue needed:

  • We'll use the $() command substitution syntax in Linux to fill in our list of branches
  • Within it, we'll pipe all the branch names from git branch
  • That will filter through our regex search through grep of all branches that aren't develop or master. (Inverted with the -v flag)
  • "develop|master" matches all branches that aren't develop or master.

Testing the Regex

To make sure the right branches are being grabbed, removing the outer delete command will return the list of branches:

$ git branch | grep -v "develop\|master"

Pruning Deleted Remote Branches

Removed remote branches can be cleared from your local computer with this command:

git fetch -p