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Backing Up Data

Like flossing: really important to do, hard to get in the habit of.

But I've had too many tragic losses of data growing up. And now my entire life's work happens and is saved on my computer. So I've set up a system for myself!

I mostly follow Wes Bos' Backup Strategy. It keeps things easy and nearly automatic. Specifically:

  • I backup my computer to a Time machine on a WD My Passport drive.
  • My computer is backed up remotely to Backblaze
  • On a WD Passport I have old files, videos, and photos from older computers that aren't
  • Those older files are also synced with Backblaze.

Backblaze is great because it runs automatically in the background. It's not at all a resource hog.

It's only semi automatic because I still have a calendar reminder to actually plug in my drive every Friday morning. All of my ports are usually full with MIDI controllers and other gazmos. Ideally, I'd have some sort of monstrous port that takes in my monitor, midi instruments, guitar audio interface, AND USB to leave my external drive plugged in. Putting it on the wishlist!