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Vehicles as Eras of Life

I'm still enjoying Terry Pratchett's Biography.

One of my favorite things about it so far is that, amidst all the interesting life stories, milestones, new jobs, new places lived, the characters Terry came across — with all that to talk about, there's still a non-trivial number of words dedicated to talking about the different cars and bikes Terry drove around.

It's one of my first biographies that I'm giving a read, so maybe this is normal? Maybe I skimmed those parts of Will Smith's Biography? Does the Steve Jobs Biography lament that he never made it to driving a Tesla?

I'm only partway through, but I don't think Terry was a motor buff, so that's not why, right?

It's funny to me — but it's relatable. It's a shared experience — those fond memories of "The 100k miles+ hand me down I took to college" or "The Toyota we shared while we saved up money to make it through grad school."

Some folks can mark major periods of their entire lives with their vehicles.

Here's Terry's timeline so far as I've read, ages estimated by context:

On a related note, I bought a new phone the other day. I have to admit, though, it doesn't have the same "The start of a new era" effect that cars do.