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Verifying No Duplicate Routes with Jest

I'm in a situation where I just implemented dynamic routes at my site directory in Next. Essentially, I have two sources of pages:

  1. Albums
  2. Blog Posts

They both are rendered on pages with slugs in this fashion:


One reason people advocate against this is that the namespace becomes cluttered. It's possible, then, to accidentally have an album and a blog title have the same slug.

Maybe a trite example since I'm a sole operation here — I should be able to catch something like that. But writing an integration test will help me sleep at night knowing that there's no way this would happen on accident.


My first step in setting up tests for the site was getting a few End-to-end checks. I've set up Cypress and written tests that verify the happy path on my site works.

Cypress can handle unit tests, but is a bit heavy handed for the solution. Jest is the long time favorite in this department, so I'm opting to bring that into the mix here.

Writing The Test

I'm modeling my configuration after the example in the Next.js repo.

With Jest running, I wrote out the test:

import { getAlbums, getAllPosts } from '../lib/api';

test('Verify no conflicting slugs', () => {
  const albums = getAlbums();
  const posts = getAllPosts(['slug']);

  const slugs = {};
  const recurringSlug = [];

  const verifyUniqueSlug = (item) => {
    const { slug } = item;
    if (slugs[slug]) {
      // Fail test
    slugs[slug] = true;


To break it down:

  1. I'm grabbing my slugs from both albums and posts
  2. I'm iterating over both
  3. For each slug, I check if it already exists.
  4. If so, add it to the recurringSlug array
  5. Check for an empty reccuringSlug array.

Voilà! I can sleep more soundly knowing that there are no conflicting slugs.