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Blog Tags

At the end of the year, I noticed a few threads in my blog. Namely tech articles, but a few categories I want to keep following: Books, Art, and Music.

So I'm creating those buckets through tags.

Several blogs have them, but it's Rach Smith's use of a few main themes that inspired me.

Tags Preview

I've heard somewhere that tags largely are more for the author than the reader. How often a visitor filters by tags (or even digs deep in the archive, as Alan Jacobs noted) is pretty minimal.

I think there's still value in saying "Hey, I write about this stuff, here are some thoughts on these things."

But I'll agree, probably it's more for me! When I have a bucket, I like filling it. So, keeping Art and Music buckets will lend to more long term thoughts in those categories, even if this space is largely for technical articles.

Besides, I like the colors.